CCDP Terms of use

Requirements for working with Moodle

Moodle is operated by users via an internet browser. To use Moodle you need the following:

  • a computer (stationary or mobile) with an internet connection
  • any current web browser or the Moodle app (not all functions are available via the app)
  • an email address to receive an invitation via email.

Please note that we cannot, of course, pay for any equipment, internet charges or other costs that you may incur in the course of using Moodle.

Duties of the users

Each user commits her- or himself,

  • to store the access data (user name and password) carefully and to protect them from access by third parties. Passing on access data is explicitly prohibited.
  • to use access to the Moodle server only for the activities for which it has been set up.
  • to observe all legal regulations and requirements, in particular copyright law, data protection law and the state's requirement for neutrality
  • to keep the e-mail address stored on the server up to date at all times
  • to use the personal data of the course participants, especially the e-mail addresses, only for the work in the respective course
  • to keep the required storage space as small as possible and to delete files that are no longer needed
  • to inform the operator if the access authorisation is no longer required.


Content that violates applicable law may not be published, nor may racist, sexist or pornographic content. It is also prohibited to set up a file-sharing platform or similar for copyright-protected material. The aforementioned provisions also apply to links to such content.

Likewise, no content may be disseminated that has no factual or content-related connection to the task of the institution concerned. In particular, one's own access may not be passed on or rented to companies, associations, etc..

The operator is entitled to remove illegal content immediately and without separate notification and to exclude the persons concerned from using the Moodle server.


The user is responsible for all his/her actions in connection with the use of the Moodle server. The user shall indemnify the CCDP on first demand against all claims made by third parties against the user on the grounds of a breach by the user of statutory provisions or the rights of third parties (in particular personal rights, copyright, trademark rights and data protection rights), including the costs of the necessary legal defence (lawyers' fees and court costs at the statutory rate). In the event that claims are asserted, the client is obliged to cooperate immediately and completely in clarifying the facts and to make the necessary information available to the CCDP in a suitable manner.

Deletion of access authorisations

The operator can delete the access authorisation of a user if

  • the user has not logged in for more than one year
  • the user does not have a valid e-mail address
  • the user has not logged in with a user name within four weeks of being invited, or
  • the user has violated one of the above mentioned obligations.