Trainers are a pillar of the CABES e-learning portal and community of practice. By sharing their expertise within the community, CABES trainers contribute to the capacity of decision makers and other target groups to support the implementation of political decisions on nature-based solutions, ecosystem-based adaptation approaches and sustainable use of natural resources.

Becoming a CABES trainer is an opportunity to collaborate with the growing community of scientists, institutions, and networks involved in biodiversity-related fields and to make new connections all around the world.

Steps to become a CABES trainer:

  • Participation in the train the trainer course
  • Co-teaching of least two courses with our CABES team
  • Coaching from CABES team members
  • Participation in the course “Fundraising and business plan writing” in 2025
  • Submission of at least two funding requests such as offers/proposals for inhouse trainings to NGOs, governments, research organisations, graduate schools, etc.

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